Posted by: thebellalife | August 13, 2009

CTR Design: Your Decorating Budget

 “Do-It-Yourself” design does save you money-IF you do things right. One of the most important  “MUST DO” items is to create a budget for your design project. I will be the first to admit that I hate budgets BUT if you want to have enough money to complete the project a budget is the only way to go.


SO…here’s a few thoughts on figuring out your very own  approach to “Interior Decorating Budget” (Not your “Budget Interior Decorator”)…



  • Determine what you have to spend your money on. Is this just strictly just a decor project that involves furniture, decor, drapes,etc.?


via High Fashion Home

Are you putting together a budget that allows for the ultimate in bedroom decor?


Or is your budget leaning towards just adding a few simple Chic items like a slipcovered sofa?


Or are you budgeting to have a nice (but not over the top) decor look?


  • Another thing to consider: Will any renovations be involved i.e. wallpaper removal, painting, etc. This may add significantly more to the cost of your project so be sure that you allow for any unforeseen additions to the budget.


 Taking wallpaper down is so fun-NOT!


  • REMEMBER THAT IT ALWAYS COSTS MORE THAN YOU THINK IT WILL! So you might want to have a miscellaneous category for any additional costs.


  • Determine your approach to the project. Are you trying  to move from start to finish as quickly as possible? Or will you be spending time getting the decor just right? Some people would rather spend less on each item so that they can get everything at once. Others like to take their time and purchase items that cost a little more.

Are you doing the “Ikea” approach to your budget decor project?


Or have you budgeted enough to take the Marge Carson approach to your project? 


  • Put your budget in writing. This will allow you to see what you need to purchase as well as keeping track of what you’ve spent.  Categories should include: what you need to purchase, your estimated cost, the actual cost and the differnce.

  For more ideas check out the Domino: The Book of Decorating

Happy Budgeting!








  1. Thanks for the tips on approaching a project on a budget! It comes a great time for me as we begin considering renovations on our home.

  2. Hi Rebecca-

    Thanks for your comment. I just moved into a new house, and we are working with a blank canvas. So this post helped me put things into perspective. I’m glad you found it useful too.

    Thanks again,

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