Posted by: thebellalife | August 12, 2009


INSPIRATION – stimulating influence upon the intellect or emotions of others.

I had the great opportunity to have dinner with two women I really admire tonight. The three of us are very different personality wise; however, together we are energetic, intentional, gifted, supportive and inspirational. Our circumstances are similar, yet very different. We share a common understanding of spiritual and divine teachings. We are mothers who love our children and want only the best for each of them. We are women of strong conviction, we each embrace the fact we can band together to improve our neighborhoods and communities. We understand where we have come from, why we are here on earth and where are journey will ultimately take us.

Not one of us envisioned the adversity and challenges that would be strewn along our path. Nor could we have possibly experienced the personal growth, change and strength that would be our constant companion. I love the quote, “Life isn’t about surviving the storm, it’s learning how to dance in the rain”.

My greatest challenges have also facilitated the greatest growth and understanding of myself. Learning to like the person you are not only takes practice, it requires courage. At times it may seem easier to think of ourselves as others do, or to place damaging labels upon our self worth. That would feel like the path of least resistance. Allowing ourselves to wallow and to become common place.


via Laura’s Road

The road less traveled requires courage, conviction, perseverance and the desire to keep moving towards our goal. Even when we feel tired and overwhelmed. We choose to live in the realm of possibility, seeing the world as our oyster. We choose to change limiting behaviors, eliminate defeating self talk, leaving behind destructive relationships. I choose to surround myself with those who seek enlightenment, embrace personal change, welcome new perspectives, and understand the power of love, charity and kindness.

On my journey I have been blessed and guided to many of these great women whom I call my friends. True friendship is the most powerful and loving force once can experience in life.

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Tonight as we talked about many things there was time for laughter,  discussing good books, enjoying a great dinner. I came home inspired, uplifted and ready to embark on a lifelong dream. We all left feeling inspired. A gift of sisterhood.

 To my friends, Thank you. I am most fortunate to have made your acquaintance on the Road less Traveled.

Life with intensity and purpose,



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