Posted by: thebellalife | August 12, 2009

Choosing The Right (CTR) Floor Plan

Putting together a floor plan for the room you’re decorating can be easy.

Using the “Room Planner” at makes it fun and easy to do a floor plan-and it’s free! Just sign up and you can set up the dimensions of your room and choose furniture to put into different places in your room.


To begin your floor plan project you will want to stand back and look at your room. Determine the focal point. What is the first area or feature in the room that you notice? Can you highlight this area with your decor?  Some of the most common focal points in a room are:










Once you’ve decided  on your focal point, you will want to get the measurements for the size of your room, any larger features (fireplace, windows, etc.) as well as your furniture.  Then get on the room planner and start doing your floor plans!


 Don’t limit yourself to just one floor plan. Try a couple of arrangements. And remember that furniture “appears larger” in person than on paper.




Happy Decorating!




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