Posted by: thebellalife | August 11, 2009

CTR: Assess Your Stuff!

Have you committed to trying to be your own interior designer so that you can save money? Like I mentioned in my last post, it’s easy if you know where to begin.


Now that you’ve determined how the room is going to be used…



 Follow these simple steps for assessing the “stuff” in the areas you are decorating:





Be objective when it comes to looking at your house and the decor that you have. Don’t limit yourself by viewing it like you always have.




PHOTOGRAPH EVERYTHINGAll the furniture, lamps, decor, art, etc. When you see these things  separately you will be able to look at your things more objectively. This helps you to envision them as separate pieces and opens your mind to the possibility of  your “stuff” being moved around from room to room




  Once you have all your pictures printed off you will then need to sort them into 4 groups:



Change (Paint, reupholster, etc.)



I need to reupholster this chair.


Love the lamp-it’s a keeper!


This light fixture=donation pile!



Time to get rid of the old TV and get a Flatscreen.



This sofa doesn’t work now that I have kids-It’s going on Craigslist.




Last thing you need to do is measure all of the things you are keeping. This way you in knowing where it will work when you get ready to do your floor plans. I suggest that you write the measurements directly on the pic and put it into your design notebook.



Tomorrow’s topic:  Floor Plans

Happy Decorating!



Special Thanks to Domino: The Book of Decorating for this inspiration. You can purchase this book by going to 


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