Posted by: thebellalife | August 11, 2009

My Corporate Fashionistas

Many women would love to be in my position.  Not because I am a Marketing Rockstar, but because I get to work with four fabulous men.  You know, the kind of men who luv, luv, lu-uv Madonna, who cried when Michael Jackson left our world, who are constantly worried about their physique, who enjoy giving fashion advice, who like to sit around and gab about the latest recipe they’ve tried. Well, you get my point.  I’m one lucky lady. 

Over the course of this last year, these office fashionistas have always been willing to give me “beauty” advice at a drop of a hat.  I thought some of you may enjoy hearing the advice I’ve received.


Fashionista #1: Cammie, I don’t mean to be rude BUT –  YOU ARE REALLY WHITE.  Have you thought about using a bronzer?

Moi:  Actually, I use a bronzer every morning.

Fashionista #1: Huh – (insert loud breathing out noise) – uh.  It’s just that…your chest color and your face color aren’t really matching up.


Fashionista #1 {talk about opinionated ;)}: Wow, you’re wearing pants today.  You don’t usually wear business pants (It’s true…I’m a skirt person)

Moi: Yup, I went closet shopping this morning.

Fashionist #1: They look good BUT with your short physique YOU REALLY SHOULD be wearing a flat heel (Fashionista #1 holds up hand and puts his thumb and index finger about 2.5 inches apart so he can give me a true visual).  Because the flat shoes you are wearing with those pants really cut you off and make you look shorter.


Fashionista #1 {suprise, suprise…so, we meet again}: I really like your outfit today

Moi: Thanks, I splurged a couple weeks ago and bought it.

Fashionista #1: I really like the colors BUT I think it WOULD LOOK BETTER if you wore a thicker belt around your waist.  You know, like _________ usually does (________ = one of the plastics.  I’m still trying to come up with a clever name for her).

Every morning before I walk through the glass doors of “The-Large-Corporation-That-I-Work-For-That-Will-Not-Be-Named” I have to mentally and emotionally prepare myself for the “Fahionista” Gauntlet. 

I fear the day that I end up on our offices “worst dressed” list.

Pray for me,




  1. It’s too bad I don’t work at “The-Large-Corporation-That-You-Work-For-That-Will-Not-Be-Named”

    I remember the bronzer comment, those dark queens are always hissing about skin-tone.

    • The fact that I was sitting next to Lindsey Lohan’s twin didn’t help. The Ice Queen definately has an addiction to spray on tan.

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