Posted by: thebellalife | August 10, 2009


     Michael and I like to daydream. We often sit next to each other and talk about the things we would get if we had loads of money. These items/people include… personal chef, cabin, beach house in Italy, classic automobiles, daily makeup artist, horses, library (like in ‘Beauty and the Beast’), and most importantly a LAUNDRESS! We don’t want anything too fancy or ostentatious, just the normal stuff. I kid, I kid. Seriously, though my biggest dream is to have someone do all my laundry. Some people may be freaked out by someone going through their dirty clothes, but not me. I often turn to Michael and ask, “Do you think one day we could pay some high school girl to do our laundry?” and he often replies with a ” You come up with the money, you can have anything you want.”  Isn’t that sweet? Funny thing is I am determined to work long and hard to get that laundress. Wow, I hate laundry. This month I have decided to organize my laundry room in order to hopefully change my hatred for laundry into a dislike.  Please look at what Im dealing with.

Laundry Room Shelf

Laundry Room Shelf




I am embarrassed by how this looks, hence the black and white. In my mind everything bad looks better in black and white. Next week I plan to have my inspiration/dream laundry room up… so CHECK it out. In the meantime, maybe you should go look at your L.R. and see if it needs organizing.

xox Keighley

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  1. I love doing laundry. I do it everyday and I do enjoy it. If I let it pile up, I don’t like it but I get to it and I do it and I love having all my clothes/kids clothes clean and ready to get dirty 5 minutes later. IF you pay me, I’ll do your laundry. :) Learn to love it, it only gets worse.

  2. Girl… I am jealous. Michael and I fight over who gets to start the next load. Maybe if I kept up on it I wouldn’t hate it so bad.

    i need a laundress

  3. I meant who HAS to. NOT who gets to.

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