Posted by: thebellalife | August 10, 2009

CTR: Do-It Yourself Interior Design

 So you’ve decided that you can’t afford to hire an interior designer for your home decor project. In today’s economy many people are opting to tackle their own interior decorating projects. But how do you avoid any design dilemmas if doing it yourself?

  Example of a “Design Dilemma”


Where do you begin? And how do you organize your efforts so that your room  fits your design goals as well as your everyday  lifestyle?


 Maybe my idea to put the  ROBOT in the entry isn’t working?


Step One in the process is to look at your lifestyle and the way you live in the space. Standing in the room you are going to decorate ask yourself the following questions:

How will this room be used?

 What activities will take place in this room?

Who will be using this room? Children? Pets? Adults?

Do I want a room that can be lived in comfortably? Can you put your feet on the coffee table?

How often will this room be used?

Do I want a “showroom” as opposed to a practical look with style?


Step Two is to observe what does not currently work in your room. Stand in the room you are going to decorate and be honest with yourself as you consider the following:

Is my room set up with adequate space for the furnishings and decor?

Can I move around the room adequately with the current way it is set up? What changes are necessary?

Does everything look in proportion to each other?

What do I need to get do differently?

 What do I need to get eliminate in the way of  my current furnishings or decor?

What is working?

What isn’t work?



 Is it time to let go of the 70’s looking decor and update?



 Are there just too many things out of proportion? Is the furniture too large? The side tables too small? Is it too hard to move around the room? And… is the shag carpeting outdated? (YES!)



Is there too much crammed into the room? Can I eliminate some of the things that aren’t working? Should the home office be moved out of the bedroom?


So today’s assignment for beginning your own decor project is to look seriously at how you are using the room and to assess what you currently have in the way of decor. Make your list of what to eliminate and what to keep. Tomorrow I will help you assess your STUFF.

Happy Decorating!


P.S. If you have any rooms that you would like me to look at or need help with, you can email your pictures and/or questions to




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