Posted by: thebellalife | August 8, 2009

Story of a Sick Housewife

Hey folks! I am typing as fast as my pain pills will allow. Which actually isn’t going too hot, because when I read it sober it reads as if my 4 year old niece wrote it. Anyways look out for Part II of the installment tomorrow. In the meantime check out this piece of mess!!!

Looking Happy Doing My Walking Rounds!

Looking Happy Doing My Walking Rounds!

I had to black out the boob-age area due to lack of undergarments. I wanted to keep the site rated PG! If you want to see the R-rated photo send me a personal message and maybe I’ll send it to you. Its lots of laughs!


UPDATE: So my husband saw that I put this picture on the site and reacted with ” UGGHHH….. (silence)” So I just want to clarify I was not just creepily looking at the floor for fun and yes I realize what I look like in this photo. My sister told me to look sick as she took it and this is what she got from me. ha.

xoxo Keighley




  1. YIKES! So sorry you have been so sick. Anxious to hear the rest of the story. Hope you are on the mend!

  2. Oh Keighley, what would I do without you?! That picture is priceless. Get better soon!!

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