Posted by: thebellalife | August 6, 2009

PART 1: Story of a Sick Housewife

(BEWARE: this post is full of drama)

                I have beaten the odds. I have stared death in the face. I have seen the light. This is how I feel after this past weekend. Actually those three little sentences aren’t dramatic enough  to describe how I feel. (hysterical much?) I am not fully recovered, but I am on the mend. In the meantime, I have these amazing little things called Vicodin that make me feel real good. It is 11:45 pm right now, and about thirty minutes ago I took 2 of these lovelies.

                 The only reasons I’m posting about this experience is because 1.)My sister plastered a post on the blog saying I was sick 2.)My mom has mentioned on the blog I would do this. 3.) I am on drugs and 4.) There are some funny moments that may make you chuckle.

                I am actually quite embarrassed by the words of encouragement and love left via facebook, phones, texts, and blog. I was hoping this ordeal would pass with only my mom and siblings knowing but, my wish did not come true. Anyways, for all of you that have been so sweet and given more attention then needed to my cause… Thank you.  (A Cause??? Well a 1 day stint in the hospital)

 How It Began:   Michael and I had planned a quick getaway to Scottsdale for some much needed R&R. We were actually suppose to go up to Flagstaff to stay at my dads’ house but, due to some unfortunate events, quickly changed destinations. We were both beyond thrilled because we booked a couple days at the Hotel Valley Ho.  Have you seen it? Well check it out.

The Ho!

The Ho!

Amazing right??? So after Michael had finished work on Saturday we headed to the Ho. When we got there I quickly realized the place was even better than the pictures. Not only was a DJ playing some great tunes, but there were loads of hideous drunk people acting insane. (I love people watching!) Michael and I were giddy and were positive things couldn’t get better… Oh was I wrong.  As I pulled the key-card out of the scanner and opened the door to our suite, my knees became weak, and a choir of angels starting singing. Because there standing in the middle of our room was a glorious, white, porcelain, free-standing, hunk of TUB. (We all know about my obsession)



There. Are. No. Words.

       Excuse my drooling and abnormal excitement… it was a great tub. So anyways, after opening & shutting every nook and cranny in our room and flipping through the TV channels we decided to go EAT! There is plenty I could write about, but I will sum it up for you. The rest of the night consisted of Mahi Mahi, watching singles and not so single people flirt at the Hotel Bar, sitting on a patio drinking Diet Cokes, trying to spy on some girls Sweet 16 party, and lots of laughter. It was PERFECT! At one point Michael told me that this was one of the best nights he had in months. (This makes me feel even more crappy for getting sick) Around 10pm we headed back to our room and immediately I started feeling sick. I didn’t want to ruin the night so I decided I would take a bath, order a movie, and go to sleep. My poor husband is dragged to the doctors or Urgent Care monthly because of me so I was damned and determined to get through the night. After 3 Advil’s, 2 baths, and 100 exclamations of “Its Just Cramps” to Michael I finally fell asleep around midnight. 

      At 1:15 am I was rudely awakened by a pain I can only describe as a Machete being stabbed into my chest cavity, 110 degree fever, and a bear claw slashing away at my intestines. Waking up feeling like this I decided the best form of action was to stumble into the toilet room. As I sat down on the toilet fully clothed, a f-ing DEMON took over my body. Within 30 seconds I knew something was very wrong. It was so wrong that I fell off the toilet, and started loosing conscienceness. This was when the thought that I was dying seriously went through my mind. I was so sure I was a goner that my main objective was to wake up Michael so I could say goodbye. YES, I WAS THAT DRAMATIC! I WAS PLANNING MY FAREWELL TO MY HUSBAND! So in what I believed was going to be the last few seconds of my life on earth, I began to crawl…

The end to part 1. I’m drugged, tired, and my grammer stinks….

xoxoxo Keighley



  1. Oh Keighly, you’re killing me. This is like seeing a great movie( Die hard) and you can’t wait to hear in your case what Mel is going to do next! The suspense is keighlying me! Come on finish the story!

  2. This is awesome (sorry). Please post the rest. ASAP!

  3. I am writing as fast as my pain pills allow. Thanks for reading


  4. I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were really in such pain. I hope you’re on the mend soon! Until then I’ll have to read my Nancy Drews! LOl

  5. Liz- I was in horrible pain until the morphine. After I got to the hospital I promise I wasn’t so dramatic and hysterical. As you can tell, I don’t do well in tense situations.


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