Posted by: thebellalife | August 5, 2009

CTR: Choosing the Right “Theme”

A great way to come up with ideas for decorating a room in your home is to choose a “theme”. When using this approach to decorating, it’s important that you consistently use the “theme” ideas throughout the room. Staying true to a theme gives you a feeling of completeness. Using a theme helps give you direction when selecting colors, furniture, and the accessories that will perfectly match your THEME.
Coastal Chic

Coastal Chic

So where do you begin for theme” decoration inspiration? Magazines and books are great places to begin. But you could also consider movies, art, fashion and nature. For example:
Getting a Theme from Nature

Getting a Theme from Nature

Don’t stress out about picking out “theme” ideas when you first begin. Just tear out or copy pages from printed items (books, catalogs and magazines). Go online and search the internet-save the images. Take photographs of the things you like. I’ve even gone so far as to collect photos, posters and paint samples that I’d like to use.
This idea went in my design notebook

This idea went in my design notebook

Organize all of the inspiration ideas you’ve gathered. I love putting my ideas into piles according to the ideas, looks or colors that seem to go together. See if any of them have a reoccurring theme. For example, do you like kitchens with chickens or fruit? Do all the little girl’s bedrooms have a “princess” feel? Do you find yourself picking out rooms that are all the same color?  The same look or feel?
Do you like old looking rooms?

Do your pictures have the same look?


File your ideas away in your design notebook, put them on an inspiration board or into an accordion file. When it’s time to begin your decorating project pull out the ideas you’ve collected for that particular room. I sometimes use what I call the “cut and paste” method of combining all my ideas. Trim down your pictures so that it’s just the specific decorating idea you want to do. Attach the idea to a white piece of card stock and then write any additional ideas or notes next to the pic. Most times I can put several ideas on one page. Then I begin looking for ways-as well as the items needed-for completing the decorating project. Another advantage for putting all your ideas together on several pages is that you can easily take them with you when you go out shopping.
Design Inspiration Board

How about a computerized Design Inspiraton Board?

So what are some “theme” ideas that you can use in your decorating?  This week we will show you some popular “theme” trends that you might consider for your own home.

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