Posted by: thebellalife | August 3, 2009

Latest ETSY Love


Since we are talking about themes this week, I started my ETSY search with themes in mind. 

I remembered seeing some decorative plates on decor8 a few weeks ago and thought “what a great way to set a room’s theme…or add to a room’s theme.”  So Bella Readers, without further ado, I present NATURES CABINET.

NATURES CABINET describes their store as “a shop that deals with natural curiosities and antiques”.  Check out these curiosities.  Pretty unique – huh?

How about a Human Anatomy Theme?




Doesn’t strike your fancy?  Well then, you may enjoy an Insect theme.




Still not hitting the spot?  Maybe you’re more of a sea creature person.




Even if these plates don’t fit into your current decor theme, consider incorporating decorative plates to spice it up.  After all, decorative plates are all the rage.


Happy Shopping!




  1. Very pretty plates – love the simplicity with the lack of color combined with interesting images. Great finds!

    • Hi Rebecca-

      Thanks for your comment!

      By the way- I love, love, LOVE your website. I found it on twitter a few weeks ago and instantly saved it to my favorites. I could spend hours on there. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thanks Camberly!

    I really appreciate it and glad you like the site!!


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