Posted by: thebellalife | August 3, 2009

Conquering La Pantry – Phase 2


Hello Bella Fans-

It’s that time of week.  Get ready to raise your feather dusters and FIGHT YOUR CLUTTER. 

This week, in phase 2 of conquering la pantry, I’ve been on the hunt for PANTRY ORGANIZERS.  Here’s what I’ve found:


Here is the Neu Home Can Organizer.  This contraption is $26.96 down at (like my Mother in-law calls it) “The Walmart“.


If you’re willing to spend an extra $5, then I recommend the the FIFO Can Tracker.  This organizer holds up to 54 cans and can be found on for $31.59

 If you are trying to save a little money, you could utilize a pantry shelf instead.  I found this white shelf on Amazon for $7.99

WRAP IT UP (i.e. Baggies, Almunium Foil, Wax Paper)

During my online pursuit I stumbled upon the “Under Shelf Wrap Pack”  this thing is AMAZING.  After shopping around, I found Amazon had the best price ($9.35) on this thing-a-ma-bobber (even better than “The Walmart”). 



If you’re like me, you keep most of your spices in the kitchen cabinet next to your stove.  However, I also have a basket of packaged spices in the pantry (i.e. Ranch dressing packet).  Here is a great idea for organizing this.

1. Organize your packets into categories and put them into baggies (AKA El Packet Protector)

2. File these packets into a small rectangular container (you could do this alphabetically, by color…whatever suits your fancy)

 ARE YOU A CEREAL KILLER…. do you leave your boxes exposed? Try this.


 I found this cereal container on Amazon for $5.99



With one of these puppies – You can make your food L-A-S-T (I’m talking year supply people).  You can purchase a 10 piece set on Amazon for $19.99

Ladies – now’s the time.  Get your organizational shopping on. (If you have any other organizational product recommendations or sweet shopping deals, please leave a comment.  I’d love to hear from you)

I’ll try to get all of my items purchased this week, so I can post about it next Monday.  Check back…and see how my WAR AGAINST CLUTTER is going.  I promise, I won’t come out waving the white flag.


Good Night-




  1. You girls learned well from your Mom how to be the world’s best organizer’s! Thanks for the great tips. I loved them! Do you have any ideas for organizing a scrapbook room?

  2. You know I love my IKEA. They had tons of those cereal containers and other tupperware perfect for “la pantry” organizing and they had packs for $4.99. I only had a little cash on me and went over my budget on Ky’s blanket so I didn’t buy them but should have.

  3. Hi Liz-
    I think scrapbook room organization is a great idea! We’ll be focusing on a new room each month – I’ll be sure to add this one to the list.

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll look into their prices and see how they compare. 🙂


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