Posted by: thebellalife | August 1, 2009

Stories of a Desperate Housewife

The Bathroom Chronicles…

    Like I mentioned in the post ‘ My Husband vs. Jamie Fraser’  I have a syndrome/addiction when it comes to books and baths. The minute one of them is mentioned my legs – without regard to my mind or will- move towards the tub. Spending the amount of time I do in the tub, I have come to expect certain things. First, I must have a full glass of ice and a bottle of water. Second, it must be a bubble bath (Every time I go to store I can’t refrain from buying bubble bath). Third, I must be completely alone. (Michael likes to debate life hardships while I’m having this alone time. I have learned I cannot make eye contact if he is anywhere close to the bathroom or he will be asking me what my dreams and aspirations are.) Fourth, and the biggest MUST… my bathroom has to be pretty. I’m talking chandelier, vanity chair, glass jars, lace curtains and candles.  In the past month Michael has been working his tail off to rewire sockets, repaint, and change out hardware. Here is a small glimpse of what has happened so far.

The Goods

The Goods

Piper {my dog} has made it very clear that she thinks her beard is better than any paintbrush!

xoxo keighley


Ps. Many of the trinkets pictured above are from Goodwill! Except for the beautiful chandelier from Bella Fine’ Decor.



  1. Uh Hello…your chandelier is the Only thing from Bella Fine’? What about that gorgeous floral I see? Who made that?!? Someone very talented, I suppose. 🙂

    • Oops! That’s my fault. I edited the last part of Ky’s post. Of course, the lovely and talents Aspen makes all the great floral arrangements at Bella Fine’-including the one shown in the collage. Debs

  2. […] this morning our Desperate Housewife – Keighley was rushed to the hospital.  She has to undergo emergency surgery and will be […]

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