Posted by: thebellalife | July 29, 2009

MOB: HERE COMES THE BRIDE…And other “Side Notes”


Like I promised last week in my post: I’m introducing you to the person responsible for making me a Mother Of the Bride-again! Here is the beautiful BTB Kiersten… 


The Beautiful Bride

Kiersten and I have been busy working on “our” wedding to do list. Maybe I should say MY wedding list. With Kiersten living out of town- and all of our wedding planning being long distance- I hit the panic button. Seriously, my list was 3 typed pages long. And in true “Debbie” fashion I used bullet points and check marks, highlights and underlining.

(Side Note: regarding the fabulous “bullet point”. This has got to be the most incredible invention known in typography. )

The Amazing Bullet Point

This is the BULLET POINT. Commonly used when typing a list.

  • Allows you to list everything without worrying about what number’s next
  • My personal favorite.
  • Easy to mark off with a simple “slash” i.e. /


Oops...wrong SLASH!

And I don't mean this SLASH...


Then I emailed this MOB masterpiece to Kiersten. Every few days I call her  and make her compare notes. Then I run to my list to mark something off. What a sense of accomplishment achieved with a simple stroke of the pen!


Kierstens Got Mail

Kiersten's Got Mail


Side Note:  Look for Deb’s soon to be published “Extremely Long Check Lists for The Perfect Wedding…And Other Ways to Irritate The Bride To Be”



 BUT I still feel like there are so many loose ends.

At My Wits End

Loose Ends = Wit's End


So this week I came up with a brilliant idea-An Inspiration Board. (Note to self: add this to the “to-do” list.)


A Wedding Inspiration Board

A Wedding Inspiration Board


Kiersten and I have started this week emailing pictures back and forth. We are busy putting our wedding ideas into picture form so that we can visualize how we want the wedding to look and feel.

For example, here are some bridal bouquet ideas we are considering:

Silver White Bridal Bouqet

Silver and White Bridal Bouquet


Tuxedo bouquet

Tuxedo Bouquet


And table setting ideas…


Bubbly Bride

Bubbly Bride



Bubbly Bride

Bubbly Bride


Elizabeth Anne Designs

Elizabeth Anne Designs


Elizabeth Anne Designs

Elizabeth Anne Designs

Next week she will be home. The plan is to spend some time bonding over  Kiersten’s Wedding Inspiration Board and posting it next week on The Bella Life Blog.  So stay tuned!


  In case you haven’t figured it out Kiersten’ style is: Classic, Vintage, Romantic…




P.S. Here’s just some of the colors that we are going to use: Sterling and Ice Blue.

Vintage Wedding Ideas

Vintage Wedding Ideas



  1. wow… Amazing. The funny thing is that the decor will ACTUALLY look like that. (flawless & $$$)
    I can’t wait to see how it ends up.

    PS. Love the flowers!!!

  2. oh another thing… I think that kiersten should be a model. Im going out and buying skin care products bc of this photo. She isn’t even endorsing anything.

  3. Ky-

    Let’s get you some skin care stuff at the homeopathic shop in Flagstaff. You’ll love it! We can write a post about it.


    • Sounds like a Bella Life Field Trip…how soon can we go?

  4. I cannot wait for the wedding! It is going to turn out gorgeous! OH… and the brides maid dresses!!! BEAUTIFUL! I love them! PS… I am obsessed with this web site!

    • Deb’s is definately going all out for this wedding. It’s definately going to smoke mine and Ky’s. 😉


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