Posted by: thebellalife | July 27, 2009

My Husband vs. Jamie Fraser

         I LOVE BOOKS! My obsession with reading started at a young age. I quickly realized when I was a child that if I asked for a new toy I would most likely get a “NO”, but if I asked for a book I would usually get a “Yes”. Now that I’m older I realize that this was genius on my mothers’ part. She tricked me into reading.  By the time I was 10 years old my sisters and I had a collection of books that could rival a public library. We learned to love literature, and would spend hours with our noses between book pages.

     My husband Michael has a love/hate relationship with my book obsession. He loves it because he knows the quickest way to get rid of me, or rid of my bad mood is to mention my latest book and a bubble bath. Within a minute of him mentioning them I find myself standing in the bathroom with the tub running. It’s a disease. What he doesn’t love is the competition.

 YES… the competition.

      I get so involved with the story line that it becomes hard for me to separate fiction from reality. Sometimes he finds me curled up in a ball crying my heart out… or other times I’m walking around giggling to myself. The biggest problem for Michael though, is when I get attached to male characters. Yes its WEIRD! It doesn’t happen often, but when it does he notices. He will turn to me and say “I AM NOT THAT GUY IN YOUR BOOK! I know you are comparing us in your head right now so STOP!” 

  For the Book Review this week I recommend the Outlander Series, by Diana Gabaldon. The Outlander Series has been sold in 23 countries and translated into 19 languages. These books are hard to classify by genre because they contain elements of romantic fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, and suspense.  This particular book series contains all the ingredients needed to make a good read. The greatest aspect of these books to me is the history you’ll learn. Diana Galbadon is accurate in almost all the historical events she writes about, and your constantly introduced to characters that actually existed in history. NOTE: These are definitely not books for the young or faint of heart. They contain some disturbing and heavy scenes.


Click here to read the synopsis and reviews! You WONT regret it.

Post Scriptum: The main, male character in this book  is one of my husbands’ greatest competitions. I can’t help wishing Michael could speak 6 languages, fight with a sword, wear a kilt, and run a mile with a deer carcass over his shoulder. (He doesn’t actually do the whole running with the deer thing, but HE could!)

Post scriptum scriptum: HE WOULD KICK EDWARD CULLENS A$#!

xoxo keighley




  1. LOL…I. LOVE. IT.

  2. reading it now and loving it! I heart jamie!!

  3. I agree. 🙂

    • Hi Erika –
      Thanks for your comment. Hope you enjoyed visiting our blog.

      -The Bella Life

      • You’re quite welcome. My comment was so succinct…but y’know, I agreed with it all! My husband gets annoyed by my book addiction sometimes, but he doesn’t READ and therefore doesn’t understand. Oy vey.

        I started the Outlander series in late May and am now almost halfway through The Fiery Cross. I find myself missing Jamie (and the other characters too…) when I’ve gone half a day without reading or something. This series is fantastic!

  4. Hilarious Ky. I love the part about Jamie Fraiser kicking Edward Cullen’s hiney. Oh, and I have to hide reading from Justin cause he gets pretty jealous too. And there is also the problem where I don’t get anything done. But if there is to be an addiction, this is the kind to have!

  5. Erika.. this is KEIGHLEY. aka that one obsessed with Jamie. Im so glad you love the books! I feel like we are friends now. I strive everyday to be more like Claire. Are you so excited for the next book to come out in SEPT??? I am. We will have to keep in touch so we can talk storyline…

  6. […] Like I mentioned in the post ‘ My Husband vs. Jamie Fraser’  I have a syndrome/addiction when it comes to books and baths. The minute one of them is mentioned […]

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