Posted by: thebellalife | July 27, 2009

Conquering La Pantry – Phase I


Hello Bella Beauties!

Phase one of conquering La Pantry took place this last Saturday and it went a little something like this:

First, I emptied all the items in my pantry out on to my kitchen counter tops.  As I went, I placed the contents into categories and wrote these categories down on note cards. 

Empty Pantry = Messy Kitchen

Empty Pantry = Messy Kitchen

Empty Pantry

Empty Pantry

Once the pantry was empty, I wiped down the shelves and swept the floor.  Then, it was time to map out my pantry.  I found “Category” note cards came in handy.  (I probably rearranged my pantry 2-3 times with those things).
Eventually, I started placing items back into my pantry.  Thus resulting in….


(Back stacking the cake mixes like this, you will be able to utilize your space better)


(By throwing snack food into containers like this, you can throw out boxes and save some space)


As I started placing things back into my pantry, I was able to see the which areas needed better organization.  (i.e. medicine, spices, baking goods).  So, this week, I will be researching different organization products and shopping around for the best deals. 
La Pantry - Phase I

La Pantry - Phase I

Join me next week, to see where you can find the best organization tools at the best price.
Happy Monday!


  1. It looks pretty empty – you’ll be pretty skinny at the end of a year.

    • That is what I’m going for. You see, I may be going on a cruise in 2012. Better start now.


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