Posted by: thebellalife | July 24, 2009

Headboard Stories

      When my husband and I got married we were lucky enough to have the majority of our furniture given to us. Debs has 2 storage rooms full of furniture which she has allowed my siblings and me to roam through and grab from. The bed which Michael and I have in our master bedroom is a really whimsical rod iron bed. The bed is pretty, but there is a problem. It’s only a queen. You might be thinking- what is wrong with a queen size bed??? Well let me tell you…my husband likes to throw elbows while he sleeps. He says he does it on accident, but his aim is just too good. Without fail he always gets me in the eye. So to preserve my face, I have decided we need to purchase a king sized bed. Michael says he agrees with me, but then follows that statement with 5 reasons why it wouldn’t work. (Suspicious?) One of his many objections was that we wouldn’t have a headboard! Blasphemy! So I started researching different headboard ideas.  Check them out.




(country living)

headboard shelves


headboard frame






 mirror headboard

 (country living)

Do you think I could convince my husband to “brickify” my bedroom wall? I wish. So many great ideas, now I just need to buy a king size mattress. Wish me Luck. If you want to donate to the Keighley Eye Relief Fund, let me know.

xoxoxo Keighley




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