Posted by: thebellalife | July 24, 2009

Bella Field Trip…..My Skins


“Have you ever wished that your underwear matched your skin tone, fit you like a glove and could be worn under any type of clothing?” Well the women’s underwear at does just that.
Yesterday, Debs, Cammie, Cori, Keighley, Kylie and I had the opportunity to visit My Skins corporate office in downtown Mesa, Arizona. Upon our arrival, we had expected to “Get to Know” a local business owner. However, what we got was an education in skin color matching. Each of us was given a color match card in which we could match our own skin tone to the perfect bra and underwear color.  After we were matched to our perfect skin tone color, we were given a bra fitting. In the end, each of the girls was fitted with the perfect size and style.


Skin Tone Chart

Skin Tone Chart

On MySkins™ website  they say the following:

MySkins™ seamless bras and panties come in 20 skin matching “nude” colors. Each color has been tested extensively on a focus group of nearly 700 women. As a result of this research, our products match 95 percent of the population. Each color, from Honey to Espresso, can transform your body, match your skin and allow you to finally stop worrying about what is being seen and be seen yourself.

At MySkins™, we also wanted women to feel beautiful and comfortable in their underwear. Using seamless technology we wanted a design that made our customers not only look good, but feel good as well. Our nude bras and panties are molded, not sewn, so not only do you get a skin matching color but also products that save you from the embarrassment of bulging seams, visible bra lines (vbl) and visible panty lines (vpl).

Our seamless bras and panties serve as an almost invisible “foundation” beneath a woman’s clothing so people can see your dress, slacks or blouse… not your underwear. For years women have suffered through a handful of lingerie colors that didn’t match their skin, but not any more!
Visible bra lines and visible panty lines can take an amazing and stylish outfit and turn it into a nightmare. How many times have you seen a woman looking stylish and when she turned around you noticed that her bra line was not only visible but had also created small rolls of excess skin along the edge of the bra on her back and around her armpits? Or how many times have you noticed a stunning young woman wearing fitted slacks turn around and her panty lines were visible creating an uneven surface? With MySkins™ bras and panties, you no longer have to bend over backwards to check your underwear. Our skin matching bras and panties are seamless to prevent visible bra lines and visible panty lines.

Another unique feature of MySkins™ matching underwear is the extensive research conducted to eliminate color and dimensional transfer. When you wear underwear that is not closely matched to your skin with light colored clothing, you face the risk of color transfer, which can be embarrassing. Additionally, dimensional transfer can cause more unwanted attention. With dimensional transfer underwear can appear lumpy underneath clothing causing an un-smooth surface.

During the product development stage our goal was to make skin-matching underwear that would never be visible or lumpy underneath clothing. When you find your skin color match from our 20 skin matching nude colors, color transfer is eliminated. Also, because our product has been developed using seamless technology, lumps are non-existent.

Our field trip taught us that My Skins underwear makes sense! My daughters Cori and Kylie wanted to tag along because they LOVE matching bras and underwear. Both were properly fitted and color matched, they were sold! 
Take a minute and go to the web site. These bras are amazing!
Live with Intensity and Purpose,

Experience MySkins™ skin tone lingerie by downloading or requesting a color card today.


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