Posted by: thebellalife | July 22, 2009

Coloring Outside the Lines…

As children we were taught the rules of coloring: stay within the lines. But even when the rules were repeatedly stated to us, as children we were never afraid to venture outside the lines. We even went so far as to color skin blue or the sun green. We were fearless when it came to these boundaries of art. All that mattered is that we liked it!


Childrens artwork sample


But some still allow this childhood conditioning to control their approach to color and design. "You need to stay within the lines": Somehow this is interpreted to mean that you need to keep your walls and flooring neutral. And color can only appear on small items like pillows or artwork.  It can be said that you are safely "staying inside the lines" of your interior design.


Rafter Tales



However, there are no hard and fast rules  when combining colors in interior design. It just needs to be done with STYLE. Colors that you'd never think to put together in the past are suddenly "chic".  


Home Point Click

  Home Point Click


So how do you know what's in style? The quickest way is to check out the color trend forecast for Autumn and Winter 2009/2010  before beginning your next design project. This will give you an idea of the latest and greatest colors that you will be seeing in fashion and decor.

2010 Color Trends

Color trend 2010


So think outside the lines and look to add these colors into your home interiors or the fashion that you wear. Some of the colors to watch for are:

Citron Color Trend
 Yellows  that are influenced by green with caramel reemerging like citron. Golds and other metallics will also have a strong presence.




Katy Elliot


 Reds will be blackened with purple and blue undertones. Red and white combos will be popular. Think "strawberry".






Home and Garden Design




Style State

 Greens will be fresher fusing with yellows and away from the sages.








Genuine Style



 Tonalities of beige and gray will also reclaim former glory. (Beige is the new black?)











 Blues, which have fallen out of favor over that last several years, will have a resurgence.













Home and Garden Design


 But the real color story will come from purple, which is reportedly THE color for 2010. Predictions are that it won't last long.





But for those of you who really want to "color outside the lines" read below:
Brady Kitchen

Mauves, olives and golds of yesteryear are fighting for a comeback. They’ve already started to appear and will feature even more prominently in fashion and design as we head toward 2010. Think Brady Bunch kitchen!
2010 Colors
So how about picking a few colors out of the "box" and coloring outside the lines?


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