Posted by: thebellalife | July 21, 2009

Vacation is what you take…

…when you can't take what you've been taking ANY longer.


I, Carla, am taking a much needed break to spend time with my children, and enjoy some down time. I work in the Funeral Industry which is very gratifying yet very demanding all in the same breath. Death never takes a day off, never comes when convenient and most families are never prepared. I have taken very little time off during the past two years. I feel like I am suffocating.  Therefore, I scheduled time off and corrdinated it with my kids so we could enjoy a nice week all together.

As I walked across the street during lunch today, I felt a sense of relief knowing my day was half over. I am emotionally drained, physically worn out.….and in dire need of a breather. As the magical hour of 5 pm grew closer so did the anticipation of my vacation. I smiled to myself as I thought of this ironic quote.

“Reincarnation: People coming back to life at quitting time.”

I expend so much energy working. I find myself frustrated at how little time I have left over for my children, involvement in my church and my dear friends. I want my energies flowing into the relationships which matter very most. I forget to savor those precious moments during my day, week, month and year to get reacquainted with myself. As a result, I had almost forgotten what if feels like to check in with "myself".

We as women need to understand its OK to say – "NO". Don’t commit to work, projects, family and friends when you don’t have the time or desire to. There is no glory in being a martyr. Just…say…no thank you.
The quest shouldn’t be to work more or learn more efficient ways to Multitask.The quest should be to slow down, start enjoying the particular season in our lives, be conscious to live in the moment, and make certain our priorities are in the right place.
After all there are two things I know for sure~
  1. You will never wish you could have worked more while lying on your death bed.
  2. A hearse does not have luggage racks….
Take a minute to reevaluate where your energy is flowing. The life you save will most likely be your own!
Live with intensity and purpose.


  1. I love the two things you know for sure… priceless. xoxo

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