Posted by: thebellalife | July 20, 2009

The Perfect Dress Quest!

Unlike most Mothers Of the Bride, who hate all of the details of planning the wedding and reception, I hate finding a M.O.B dress. I’m looking for the “perfect” dress. You know the kind of dress that will make me look almost as beautiful as the bride, that will make me look 20 pounds lighter as soon as I put it on and 15 years younger. But how do you find a dress for that special day when you have this to choose from?


The Perfect Hat and Dress Combo


Ginasmart dresses

And you find this kind of advice on the internet for helping you select the perfect MOB dress:

Abbyjean typepad dresses





Rule 1: If you are a mother preparing for your daughter’s wedding, you will know how stressful and time consuming that can be.. How have you thought about shopping for your special dress? After all, you deserve some of the glory and attention as well. You ARE the bride’s mother and you will be looked at and admired as. 



Dariuscordelldesigns dress

Take out the netting in the skirt and it becomes a M.O.B. dress!



Rule 2: Buy a mother of the bride that will make you feel great. Looking like you are walking on the red carpet on Oscar night is really okay. Go all out for the glitz and glamour. Go for colors that you have never worn before if there are no rigid color schemes.


Oscar MOB dress

Rule 3: Daughters, please give mom a break. Do not dictate what mom can or cannot wear. She needs to wear a color that will become and enhance her unique look and beauty even if it deviates a little or a lot from your color scheme.

Purple MOB Dress

(How do you think this will look with a brown and teal color scheme?)
Rule 4: Mothers, it IS appropriate to look glamourous in a fantastic looking mother of the bride dress. Do not laden yourself with guilt that you have to blend in and not outshine your daughter. Wear an awesome looking, yet comfortable dress, complement it with great jewelry and shoes and feel good about yourself, while performing the various tasks on the wedding.

The “Comfortable” M.O.B. Dress/Pant Combo


Rule 5: If you are a younger mother, I say go for the glam and gusto. If you feel like you want to look like a Hollywood movie star, by all means do so but dress in accordance with good taste and a dress choice which will fit and complement your body type and proportions. Off- the -shoulder styles can be very appropriate, if you use a shawl or a stole jacket. Spaghetti strap gowns are fine too if not cut too low or revealing.
Froxylady dress

The SEXY M.O.B. Look

Rule 6: Plus size mother of the bride can also go for dresses with chic and style. Wear a longer jacket, wider skirt if necessary but the secret is in the fabric and definitely color. If the mother of the bride gown has great details and trim, you will feel just wonderful. 

Full Size MOB Dress

M.O.B. Dress with Trim 


But, rather than follow any of the before mentioned advice, I’ve decided to make up my own set of rules for my personal M.O.B. dress quest. They are:


  • Get Kiersten’s (my “bride-to-be” daughter) wedding dress first, before getting mine. (FYI-this has been taken care of.)
  • Make sure that her dress is more fabulous than mine. After all she is the bride! (Her dress is incredible and she looks extremely “fab” in it.)
  • Purchase my M.O.B dress in 2 different sizes: one for the “skinny” me and one for the “normal” sized me. Return the unused dress the day after the wedding.
  • Start my diet today and again next Monday. Maybe I can lose 15-20 pounds before the wedding? If not, I can tell myself that at the very least “I tried”.
  • Promise myself not to resort to purchasing any of the dresses I’ve shown on my blog. (My daughters would disown me if I showed up in one of them.)
  • And most importantly….Enjoy the quest! 
Until next week, when I share with you a little about the BRIDE and her wedding dress, bride’s maid dresses, color, theme, and what’s being planned for the reception.
P.S.  Here’s one of the ideas that I’m considering….seriously! 


MOB Champagne dress  

A  M.O.B. Dress I Like




  1. Hi Debbie,
    I really enjoy Bellalife. I think it’s great you post something for everyone to enjoy. As for the MOB dress you will look “fabulous” in anything you wear. You are such a beautiful and classy lady!
    Love ya

    • Thanks Liz! I appreciate your kinds words as well as your faith in my ability to find the perfect MOB dress. You know-you’ve had to do it yourself. Let’s get together sometime…Deb

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