Posted by: thebellalife | July 20, 2009

Conquering La Pantry

Since home organization seems a bit overwhelming to me, I've decided to go through one problem spot a month and ORGANIZE IT!  (problem spots = pantry, under the kitchen/bathroom/laundry room sinks, office, laundry room, garage, bedroom closets…WOW this is embarrassing {especially when "The Debs" has organized and labeled every item in her house – why didn't I inherit this gene? Geneticists really should look into this.}) 
This month my big blue eyes are stuck the "Big Black Hole" known as la PANTRY.  (I apologize for the horrible lighting)

Super Massive Black Hole

You see – over the past couple of months it seems like the walls of my pantry have started to close in.  Every time I open the door our dust mop falls down, our recycle bin is overflowing, empty boxes of cereal are taunting me, stale bags of chips beg to be thrown away (I don't know why I'm still hanging on to them)…anyways…you get my point.  Call in the authorities people – I NEED HELP.

Dear cyber friends, if any of you feel this way,  I encourage you to stand up, raise your feather duster towards the sky and declare with me – "I WILL CONQUER MY CLUTTER." 


Raise your dusters

Now… let's tackle our pantries
I've been doing a lot of research around pantry organization and here are the steps we need to take (let's try to get these done within the next two weeks):
  1. Empty all of the items out of your pantry (place them on the kitchen counter-top or into boxes)
  2. Wipe off the pantry shelves (Hello Clorox Wipes!)
  3. Go through the items in your pantry and start categorizing.  (i.e. cereal, bread, chips and crackers, pasta noodles, spices, canned food, etc.)
  4. Write each individual category down on a post it note.
  5. Now it is time to map out your pantry, start denoting the post-it notes to areas/shelves in your pantry.  (This allows you visualize were things are going to be placed, without actually having to move items around)
  6. Let's start filling our pantry!  Place the items next to their corresponding post-it notes.
  7. As you are doing this, make two lists:
    1. Grocery Shopping List
    2.  Ideas for trays, containers, extra shelves (these will allow you to utilize your space better)

Organized pantry

To make things easier, keep the following things in mind:
  • place your spice mixes and small items (aka: jello packets) into plastic or wired containers to keep them together
  • Place your paper plates, napkins and paper towels on lower shelves
  • Keep heavier items (i.e. soda) on the lower shelves or floor
  • If you can, utilize the wall space in your pantry and hang up your brooms, mop, etc.
  • Do not hesitate to move non-essential items (like paper towels) out the garage or throw away old food (AKA stale chips).

Join me next week and see how my pantry organization is going (I'll have pics).  Please feel free to send me your pantry pics, and share your organization tips and tricks.


Conquer on!





  1. I love this. I’m so with you. I’ll take some before and after pics. I need to get some bins. Do you know of the best place to get a bunch of those are?

  2. I’m seeing alot of cool things on amazon. You know what….I’ll do another post. I think that would be a good topic.

  3. I prefer the “just in time” shopping approach. We eat just about everything in the pantry every week and then I restock. No organization needed, just hungry people 🙂

  4. Liz….you are so wise. Yet, you fail to remember us Mormons are all about year supply.

  5. This is true…I second that Cam. John makes me keep a supply of canned veggies that I always try to throw away but he won’t let me. He’s an odd one.

  6. Kathy – it is in his blood.

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