Posted by: thebellalife | July 20, 2009

“Colour My World”

"Colour My World" by Chicago was THE most romantic song of my generation. Not only did we love to slow dance to this song, as often as possible, but it seemed as if everyone-even those without any musical talent-would teach themselves to play it on the piano. Just to impress those they loved for the moment. Just thinking about this song brings back a flood of wonderful memories and emotions.


Colour My World Album 3


The colors that you bring into your world can be very powerful-bringing a variety of emotions and feelings into your environment. But my experience in design consulting is that most people "fear" color. They don't know where to begin, may not know what they like and are afraid to commit. Sounds like my 9th grade boyfriend!


                                          Deb's 9th grade boyfriend

  My 9th Grade Boyfriend-who I loved for his great sense of color and style… (check out his 'stache!)


So here's where to begin discovering what your color style is. Start with this color personality quiz on Pratt and Lambert's website. It's fun to see the "type" of color personality you are. In addition, you will also get a grouping of colors. Check it out to see if there are any colors you like. There's a quiz for both interior and exterior colors.


                                    Pratt and Lambert Paints


FYI when I took the quiz I was:  Color #6 + Color #2 + Welcoming + Classic + Honest + Generous + Picture #8 + Shopping for antiques in Italy + Energetic= "Sun-Kissed"




Another way to experiment with color is to find an interactive tool that allows you to see what paint colors look like in your room before purchasing any paint. One of my favorites is:



The paint brush tool at House Beautiful.


Have fun with color. Be bold. Be daring. And see how it can transform your world!




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