Posted by: thebellalife | July 17, 2009

Paula Dean’s Chocolate Gooey Butter Cookies (AKA – Paula’s PMS Cure)

Last week – as I indulged in my daily dose of blog stalking – I made my way over to Confessions of a Young Married Couple.  For those of you who have not checked out this blog, I recommend you make it a part of your daily ritual ( Yes people – add it to your google reader.  IT"S THAT GOOD!).  Anyways, recently she did a post which highlighted Paula Dean's Chocolate Gooey Butter Cookies.  Since I am a sucker for butter, cream cheese and chocolate…I just HAD to give these babies a try.

If I had to describe this recipe in two words they would be: SIMPLE and DELICIOUS!  I was able to mix up the batter in less then 4 minutes and rolling them into balls probably took an additional 5 minutes.  So, if you are looking for some SIMPLE, DELICIOUS cookies to make family or friends this weekend - give this a try! 

I'll be adding my pictures of this recipe in a couple of days (they are on my mom's computer), but for know, I am going to borrow a picture from and pray they won't mind.



Paula Dean’s Chocolate Gooey Butter Cookies (which I have deemed "Paula's PMS Cure")

1 (8 oz) brick of cream cheese, room temperature (I used low fat cream cheese)

1 stick of butter, room temperature

1 egg

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 box chocolate cake mix of your choosing

1 box powdered sugar

In a large bowl with an electric mixer, cream the cream cheese and butter until smooth.  Beat in the egg. Beat in the vanilla extract.  Beat in the cake mix. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours to firm up. (I refrigerated for 1 hour and they were fine)  Roll chilled batter into tablespoon sized balls and then roll them in powdered sugar.  Place on an un-greased cookie sheet 2 inches apart.  Bake 10-12 minutes at 350 degrees.  The cookies will remain soft and gooey.  Cool completely and then sprinkle again with powdered sugar, if desired. (Recipe can be found here and here)

SUGGESTIONS:  Serve warm over vanilla ice cream and enjoy!

Happy Friday!



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