Posted by: thebellalife | July 17, 2009


 For the 4th of July I traveled up to Provo, Utah with some of my family to visit my little sister Kierboo. On Saturday evening (Independence Day) my family and I headed to a grassy hill that we have traditionally been going to since I was a young child.  We laid out a wild array of blankets with all the best picnic foods imaginable. As we were waiting for the sun to go down and the fireworks to begin, we were fortunate enough to watch fighter jets fly overhead followed by several black hawk helicopters. When my burst of cheer moves and screams died down- due to the awesome air show- I wrapped myself up in a blanket and put my Ipod headphones in. Then I waited anxiously for the show to begin.

4th of july writing

    As I laid there looking up into the black sky with George Straits’"Run" playing in my ears, it started sprinkling. Then IT happened. Time slowed down, almost to a stop. The first fireworks went off and it was if my mind took a mental picture.


 I admit with embarrassment that as I lay there on the lawns of BYU, surrounded by strangers (who for your information were singing the stupidest campfire songs I have ever heard) I had to hold back tears. I was so overcome by happiness that I almost CRIED!!! I mean for heavens sake I didn’t even cry with happiness when Michael proposed to me. Was it the beautiful song George was crooning in my ear? Was it my favorite gold fireworks exploding in the air? Was it having my sisters and niece snuggling with me on the blankets?

Meandkate4thwith writing

 The only explanation that I can come up with is that something greater than my "self-absorbed" self remembered how great life truly is. I am a person who finds joy in the smallest moments, but I think my life for the past few months has been going in so many directions that I have lost that gift. So to whom this may concern: go and lie out on a blanket, download "Run" by George Strait and put your Ipod in your ears. Then surround yourself with the people you love, and wait for fireworks!




 ps. If you want to listen to an amazing cover of Mr. Straits "Run" by Taylor Swift click here




  1. SAD….I’m the only sister missing (oh…and Jamie too)

  2. Ky- ASU Rocks!

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