Posted by: thebellalife | July 15, 2009

Lets Get Organized… Organized!

Keighley Here! So my husband Michael and I have recently moved into our first home, and now that we have all of our stuff out of storage my main goal is to get organized. I don't just mean putting things away… I'm talking buckets, bins, and labels people. Or what I sometimes refer to as Debs-status! So in my obsession to become organized I have been grabbing magazines and books by the dozens. As I was standing in line at Home Depot, I saw a Home and Gardens Magazine on Storage and 263 ways to Organize NOW! Go out and buy this today. It's a special edition that will be running through September 15th. One of the first articles in the magazine is called "Storage Doctor, Getting Real" and it highlights 5 steps to finding the storage/organization to fit your lifestyle. Here are the 5 steps.

STEP 1: Keep on Keeping On

For a few days or week refrain from cleaning. "Keep dumping your work bag on the kitchen counter, flopping your coat over the back of a chair, and piling dishes in the sink. Avoid making changes." As you do this be aware of where stuff is building up.

STEP 2: Identify Your Clutter Hot Spots

"Look around your home and think about how you've been living for the past few days or week. Where are the messiest, most chaotic areas?"  Try to get as specific as possible. Rather than labeling your bathroom area a problem, identify the biggest trouble area within the bathroom. Is it the dirty clothes on the floor? Is it hygiene products all over the sink?

STEP 3: Change Your Environment, Not Your Action

"Now's the time when you get to get creative. Most likely you will need to do one of the following:

  • <span Add Something: Incorporate a new product, such as a basket, bin, hook, piece of furniture, or rack.
  • <span Take Away Something: Remove an item that's getting in your way, such as a curtain, a door, or an unused piece of furniture.

STEP 4: Consider Your Options

<span If you're adding something to the zone, you'll need to start researching and shopping. Browse on-line catalogs and watch your favorite design programs on TV.  When you find a solution, purchase it with the intent of trying it out first. (make sure to know return policies; nothing is more useless than a storage container that does not work!)

STEP 5: Go For IT!

<span Implement your solution and see what happens. If it truly addresses the problem then upkeep will be easy to maintain. If your plan doesn't work, try again. An answer is out there; you only need to open yourself to finding it.


<span SO LADIES join me and lets CONQUER OUR CLUTTER!


<span What-makes-the-perfect-pantry



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