Posted by: thebellalife | July 15, 2009

I’ve been MOB’d…

My youngest daughter, Kiersten, is getting married in October. And I still can't believe that I am the Mother Of the Bride…again! You'd think that I could do wedding planning in my sleep with all the experience that I have had. After all I am the mother of 4 daughters whose weddings I have single-handedly planned and executed including one time with only 10 weeks between weddings. (Someday I will tell you the details of doing 3 weddings in 5 months-including my own. But I'm saving that for another post.)

I don't know why I'm feeling so overwhelmed. Could it be that I've run out of fabulous wedding ideas since I've done so many? Or is it the thought of my last child entering into the state of matrimony that's keeping me from moving forward with all the plans? I've been living with the false assumption my entire life that once all your kids were married off you were officially considered to be OLD. And I don't want to grow up!

I keep telling myself to calm down. Many things have already been taken care of: the wedding dress is on it's way, the bridesmaid dresses ordered, the invitations picked and venue selected (our backyard), the caterer and photographer booked. But what's not falling into place are the details. That's what I am hoping the blog will help me figure out-the small things that when put together will make for a "bella" wedding-and that's what I will be sharing with you.

So to start with let me share with you some of the wedding ideas that Kiersten's collected and that we are considering…



   Kiersten likes the idea of fabric and chandeliers. Does anyone know a great tent company?




Fabric in tent

We've talked about draping fabric and doing centerpiece "groupings" on the tables. 





Kiersten loves the look of peonies in a simple vase-and I think I found the perfect vase today!





Kiersten's had this idea for her wedding cake filed away for several years. Isn't it great!





 Her sister found this unique idea for the guest sign-in table . I love it!  





But Kiersten's best wedding idea just happened to be for me….the MOB!

Old MOB photo

She thinks I should wear bright lipstick and hold a red rose at the reception. She's suggested a makeover that includes this hairstyle idea. After all, everyone knows that the MOB is almost as important as the bride. What do you think?



Until next week-when I share with you the details about the dresses including my own quest of finding and fitting into the perfect MOB dress-send me your best wedding ideas.






  1. The last part was a lie! Just had to clear that up for everyone. I do not expect my “MOB” to wear red lipstick or carry a red rose around. That would be social suicide.

  2. OMG…that lady looks like the fifth Golden Girl. I love all of those wedding ideas. Especially the part where the MOB wears white. (SHOW STOPPER)

  3. Debs! What a great post! I love the guest table sign it…I am walking in your shadow…as a FMOB…

  4. Debbie…love your post and the idea of “The Bella Life”. Can’t wait to read more.
    BTW…that MOB looks like YOUR grandmother. Whatever your look for the wedding I know it will be perfection!

  5. I would just like to add being the SOB that I love the wedding ideas. It will be marvelous bc no one throws a wedding like DEBS!
    PS. The MOB makeover photo is HILAR!

  6. Being the SILOB I just have to say I love it all. I just really wanted to be noticed as the SILOB. Almost sounds like SLOB. Which I am not. Love this post.

  7. What fabulous wedding ideas… I hope you do buy the dress in your other page. You will look amazing.

    I read all these suggestions and the question begs itself: Is there anything you don’t do perfectly??? 🙂

    What fun to share in your happy family times!

    Congratulations to the lucky GTB and best wishes to the BTB!


    I loved the SILOB!!!

  8. Forget all the SOB and SILOB nonsense!!! Its all about the FCOB!! After all… I am the favorite cousin! Or wait, maybe I could be a SOB… I am still wondering about that Debs!

  9. LOL…that’s right…I forgot about the photo that leaked on FB.

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