Posted by: thebellalife | July 14, 2009

Quote of the Day




How do you live your life in black and white or living color?
Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.
Pablo Picasso

A fascinating idea crossed my mind this week.  Exactly how do I live my life?  In black and white, or in living color? Life experiences have taught me – the storms of life are fast moving, while the rainbows are long lasting. Both experiences teach priceless lessons of adjustment, acceptance and personal progress.

When we choose to live in black and white surroundings, we cling to routine dreams and expectations, our existence reflects monotonous, stagnant and unsatisfied life experiences in our relationship with ourselves, significant others, our children and friends. The forecast is gloomy, dark and dreary…This is a hard place to find the light….

Living color is a powerful life force that creates intention, purpose and fulfillment. We experience joy, peace, achievement and realization. Daily life is filled with never-ending potential, our hearts are filled with gratitude, our minds are open, and we see the possibilities that exist in our world today through a different filter. A kaleidoscope of colorful prisms, shifting patterns and circumstances that encourage each of us to step outside ourselves to experience vibrancy, strength and power we never dreamed possible.

When Dorothy realizes she will have to make the journey to the Emerald City to inquire of the Wizard she is overcome with fear. She is not only traveling alone, her travel option is the yellow brick road. Glinda the Good witch of the North, places the ruby red slipper on Dorothy’s feet. Dorothy knows the slippers are magical, but she is unaware of their specific powers. Only at the end of the journey does Glinda, reveal the slippers' secret: Whenever Dorothy wishes, she can return home to Kansas by simply clicking her heels three times and repeating, "There's no place like home". Dorothy comes to realize that within herself, she has always had the power to create her life and live her dreams in living color.

When we are ready to embrace our journey, acknowledge our circumstances and exercise our faith we too have the gift to recognize we are not left alone… not for one minute.

Live with intensity and purpose,



  1. Color me inspired! I love your analogy – you’re so clever and so “wizardly” wise and insightful!

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